Grip-Rite - Weather Barrier

Product Summary

Grip-Rite weather barriers are the answer for both residential, and multi-family/commercial applications. Available in two styles, Grip-Rite Weather Carriers are ICC-ES evaluated and meet or exceed AC-38 Acceptance Criteria for Weather Resistive Barriers. Grip-Rite® House Wrap

Lightweight and durable: Made of tough woven high-density polyethylene and coated both sides. A powerful layer between the weather and a home, Grip-Rite house-wrap protects against air and water infiltration while harmful vapors are allowed to escape the wall cavity. This helps prevent mold and mildew and other water related damages.

Grip-Rite® Commercial Grade Weather Barrier Heavyweight and tough: ideal for the demands of commercial jobsites. Commercial Grader Weather Barrier is 30% heaver that House-Wrap, and has superior break strength, water and air resistance, and enhanced UV treatment.

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